Many clients has this question when they buy hair from us. Some of them is afraid of this and want to ensure before buying our hair. But we can ensure that our hair is cut totally from aliveman, not deadman because of these reasons:
The lob is having a major moment, and with a look through these styles, it's easy to see why. Hair above the shoulder is always edgy, sexy, and unbelievably cool for 2017
Tumbling waves. Shiny blowouts. Expertly mussed braids. The most beguiling, bewitching hairstyles also happen to be perfect for a first date, third date, bazillionth date...or cozying down on the couch with takeout. These 13 styles channel romance—no matter how you define it.
Curls are lifesavers. I might be biased when saying this (gosh, I love my natural curls) but they really are that great. No matter what your hair type is, curls can last you for days and there are so many ways to easily create and maintain them. From the straightest of straight to the curliest of curly, read on to find out how to create (and maintain) the best curls ever.
For some, going natural requires some additional help or needs. Yes, many hit the blogs and vlogs for styling ideas, routines and washday tips but for others, rocking hair extensions is a viable option they prefer. Hair extensions are methods of lengthening, thickening or aesthetically changing one's hair through sewing, gluing or clipping and they are hugely popular for all women.
A busy business woman or a busy mom long hair according to the situation a blessing or burden can evaluate it as long hair ponytail doing very comfortable can, but long hair care, washing, drying, shape insertion takes time. Each and every woman may find these best hairstyle simply in the home.
The natural hair community is chock full of information of all kinds. From co-washing to deep conditioning and sealing, there are many different tips and tricks that are shared by some of our favorite natural hair gurus. One of the most discussed topics by far is definitely the different methods of detangling and whether it’s more effective when done either before or after shampooing the hair.
Shiny and stylish hair are as important as impeccable skin if someone is talking about being attractive and beautiful
Lice nits often appear in the hair of babies or farmers in villages or moutainous area who we collect hair from. Here are some methods (without chemistry) they often use to remove lice from the head over many years to now:
We all wear ponytails every day but your everyday hair doesn’t have to be boring. Here are three simple twists on your basic ponytail to give you good hair days all through the week.
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