It has been said that a woman’s hair is her crowning glory. It is true that our hair is one of the first things other people see about us, whether we are male or female. Having healthy, well-kept tresses on our heads can immediately show others that we care about our appearance.
With a little work you can have strong healthy hair in no time.
We all love the feeling of leaving the salon with gorgeous, bouncy hair. However, for most of us, this feeling doesn't last for long. As the day ends and your head hits the pillow, your Instagram-worthy hair may turn into a flattened mess. Nonetheless, with proper precautions, you can maintain and extend your flawless coiffure. Here are a few tips on how you can make your blow dry last longer with minimal effort.
Hair extensions are the best kept secret, along with eyelash extensions and micro bladed eyebrows. But with any natural beauty enhancer, you want to make sure your hair extensions look natural. Hair extensions should enhance your look and be the best kept secret. With the right pair of extensions no one will know you are wearing extensions-even if they feel your hair! Glam Seamless extensions are all 100% seamless-even our seamless invisible clip
Here’s the thing. Not many people know, or think about hair extensions. And why would they? Hair extensions, especially on television, are so expertly concealed that nobody would even have a reason to doubt it’s not their real hair. We just look at the TV (or YouTube, whatever you watch these days) and think ‘wow, her hair is GOALS’.
Moroccan oil hit the scene about seven years ago, and it struck the market like wildfire. While I was travelling the hair show circuit with easihair pro (2007 or so), I remember seeing hordes of hairdressers walking around with huge bags with Moroccan Oil emblazoned on them. I should have seen this as a sign that the world of haircare was about to be turned on its head. Since the hair oil potions and lotions have exploded, you can't go into a
#GOODHAIR is always a good idea, and it’s one of the best ways to boost your confidence. A good hair day can take you a long way and good hair can easily be achieved. Now that we are heading in to a new season (Pumpkin Lattes anyone?) it’s time for NYFW and new hair! Yes we love the red carpet hair looks and fashion runway looks we see-but how can we get that look too? That is super easy, with our 2017 Fall Hair Trends Report! See the new hair co
How to choose the best hair extensions? There are so many brands to choose from, but not all brands of extensions are a high quality product. When it comes to something as personal as (your little secret!) hair extensions you want to make sure you are getting a good product that doesn't matt or tangle after the first wash. Hair extensions are an investment, the better quality you buy the longer they last and the more REAL they look. After all, th
There is nothing attractive about dry and brittle hair. Although it is very frustrating and overwhelming to manage dry and damaged hair, with a little bit of effort, you can achieve good progress. Dry hair gets damaged in the long run thus the first step to restoring your damaged hair is to make sure it is always moisturized. If you are looking for ways to restore your damaged hair naturally, here are some things you should begin with;
Black hair is prone the dryness. Our hair is thick, has multiple cuticle layers and is highly susceptible to styling damage. For all these reasons, it's important to take the time and use hot oil treatments in-between styles. Here are some basic oils to get you started.
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