It’s official, spring feels like it’s finally here – and who doesn’t love that? And, with the promise of a new season that brings a new lease of life into our lives, it’s time to shake up your haircare routine! In winter, we get used to dry skin and even dryer hair. But now that spring has finally sprung, we can focus on getting that moisture back. Haircare prep is fun at the best of times, but it comes alive in spring. Whether you’re looking
When you start to think about some of the worst hair woes you can suffer from, tangles have got to be up there! When you suffer from knots, you can often feel like your style get ruined too quickly, and your hair health is suffering. Either way, tangles suck! But, it helps to know that there are things you can do to work on making hair tangles a thing of the past. Yes, achieving that will require work, but it’s not impossible. With a little ca
Changes are coming. With the onset of longer, warmer days there’s a new mood and a new restlessness that encourages exploration, experimentation, adventure. Spring does that to folks, and spring is on its way! Hair fashionistas in the know are leading the charge with shifts in styles, cuts, care and even overall hair philosophies. Ready to shake things up? Here are four trends coming on strong for spring.
Creating gorgeous hair doesn’t have to be a struggle. In fact, you don’t even have to be awake to do it. From specialty treatments to detailed overnight hairstyles, there are several hair tips for getting great hair overnight. All you have to do is tweak your nighttime routine in order to make the most out of your beauty sleep. No snooze button required. Here are 10 hair tips for getting great hair while you sleep.
A haircolor appointment shouldn’t be a confusing experience. Whether it’s your first time coloring your strands or you’re a knowledgeable color chameleon, it’s natural to have questions about coloring your hair. Before you get swept up in Google searches, turn to your stylist. Since they have worked with your hair before, they understand your haircare concerns and what styles will look best on you. Remember, you (probably) aren’t the first client
Your hair should be as flexible as it can be. Forget breaking tresses and split ends it’s time to make your hair stronger than it’s ever been before. How? We hear you ask. Well, it’s simple…a few dietary additions to your daily meals can make all the difference. Read on to find out how…. First things, first. You gotta’ add some eggs into your diet. Eggs are full of hair building proteins, one egg alone has six grams worth - need we say more? Wel
New beginnings are often associated with the coming spring. And this March is no exception! Stay on top of your astrological style trends and know what works best for your sign. The wisdom of the stars lies inside your March edition of Hair-oscope!
You might skip over this post on how to wash your hair, thinking this is too basic for you and that you are far more advanced with your hair care, but you may be making some simple mistakes. Like riding a bike (something I only learnt last year!) I found most of my friends couldn’t explain how to start and stop. It’s easy to forget the correct way to do something when you are so used to it and have developed bad habits.
There are many suppliers in the world now say that they are supplying virgin hair extensions. We think that sellers will be whom know exactly about it because even buyers sometime can not know if it is exactly virgin hair or not virgin hair.
We all know that too much heat is a bad thing, but can air drying be damaging to your hair too?
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