Hair care is all about preservation. Your hair is not living like your scalp; it can be temporarily repaired but not permanently restored. Everything in hair care is meant to help maintain and style it. As your hair grows and you retain length, your hair is healthiest at the roots and usually the most damaged at the ends, which is why trims help to retain length. Before purchasing products and building a new regimen, it is helpful to understand h
Beautiful hair takes work, and while advancements in the beauty industry continues to thrive, using what the earth bears naturally for ingredients is becoming a daily practice. I love learning about the newest hot ingredient to get healthy hair and the benefits of the malva leaf is no disappointment. Blue Malva’s botanical name is Malva Sylvestiris and part of the Malvaceae family. It is also known as high mallow, common mallow, blue mallow, or h
Well known for its sweet, light fragrance and aromatherapy uses, jasmine oil is recognized to sooth the mind and to relieve stress and reduce muscle tension. However, it has been found that this natural oil helps to achieve healthy hair and skin. Keep reading to find out the benefits of jasmine oil.
When the humidity hits, these 5 quick and easy curly hairstyles will have you covered. You can confidently do your hair in minutes and get back to dealing with the rest of your day. I’ve learnt how to control frizz in my curly hair but sometimes the weather just isn’t on your side.
To condition or not to condition, to oil or not to oil - when it comes to your hair you'll find all kinds of advice. Mothers' will tell you to "oil your hair" while your hair dresser will recommend the new IT thing "hair spa, Moroccan oil, strengthening not rebonding and all." Before you pick your choice of treatment, here are a few things you must know.The first step in hair-care is your diet and the two most important things in your diet are ir
A common question asked by those wearing hair extensions is how to wash them. Washing your hair extensions is not a difficult task, however it is important to understand how to do this correctly in order for your hair extensions to last as long as possible.
Is your hair looking a little rough around the edges? Do you feel like you need to put your hair on a damage-control regimen? Not-so-healthy hair can take a toll on our self-image. Thankfully, most causes of breakage and frizz are preventable by changing some of our bad hair behaviors. Hair damage happens when hair bonds are broken due to stress on the hair. In this article, I’m going to give you the tools to keep your hair healthy and supple by
It’s official, spring feels like it’s finally here – and who doesn’t love that? And, with the promise of a new season that brings a new lease of life into our lives, it’s time to shake up your haircare routine! In winter, we get used to dry skin and even dryer hair. But now that spring has finally sprung, we can focus on getting that moisture back. Haircare prep is fun at the best of times, but it comes alive in spring. Whether you’re looking
When you start to think about some of the worst hair woes you can suffer from, tangles have got to be up there! When you suffer from knots, you can often feel like your style get ruined too quickly, and your hair health is suffering. Either way, tangles suck! But, it helps to know that there are things you can do to work on making hair tangles a thing of the past. Yes, achieving that will require work, but it’s not impossible. With a little ca
Changes are coming. With the onset of longer, warmer days there’s a new mood and a new restlessness that encourages exploration, experimentation, adventure. Spring does that to folks, and spring is on its way! Hair fashionistas in the know are leading the charge with shifts in styles, cuts, care and even overall hair philosophies. Ready to shake things up? Here are four trends coming on strong for spring.
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