We are proud of being Vietnamese and selling Vietnamese Hair with the best we have and demand for many customers’ requirement.
Did you get a short haircut, and now you'd like your hair to be long again? There are plenty of ways to encourage it to grow in thick, healthy and strong as quickly as possible. Massaging your scalp and applying special hair treatments can help your hair grow in. Eating a well-balan
Have you ever thought that Vietnamese women need a long hair for more money when they sell it? In fact, that is not the reason which makes Vietnamese women want to let their hair so long even now long hair with “Áo dài” now become the symbol of Vietnam.

35 New Cool Hairstyle Ideas for 2015

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Our 35-day plan doesn't involve burpees, kale shakes, or "new year, new me" mantras. Instead, transform your look in 2015 by trying one (or all) of these cool hairstyle ideas.

Vietnam Virgin Hair Weaving

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about vietnam virgin hair weaving
VIRGIN HAIR vs REMY HAIR. You need to know!
Price varies greatly with hair extensions. You can find synthetic hair extensions for under $100, while high-quality ones can cost several thousand dollars. The pricier extensions will be real human hair, which can be styled with hot tools and colored just like your own hair. Synthetic hair doesn’t offer those benefits, nor does it blend as well with your own tresses. But it is inexpensive, and makes a good option if you just want to try out a ne
Detail about our single weft and double weft styles
Vietnam has big amount of population is famers and almost of them live in villages and many of them in mountainous areas so they still like traditional care hair methods as locust fruit, basil tree, eleusine indica plant and grapefruit peel.
Latest hairstyles for women: simple easy shoulder length hairstyles The new medium length hairstyles for 2015 are full of quirky variety and lively vintage looks – from wet-look waves to shaggy layers, waves and bouncy curls
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