You should see your dermatologist or the primary health care provider as soon as you feel it is due to an inflammation in the scalp or spontaneously. If you find that a burning sensation is the cause of hair loss, it could be due to seborrheic dermatitis. Oily parts of the skin such as the scalp and facial creases. According to Heather Woolery-Lloyd, MD of the University of Miami Cosmetic Center, there can be many reasons to visit a dermatologist
Seasonal hair loss is the unjustified hair we lose at the turn of every season. It could be any season, but mostly seasonal hair loss is highest during winter. The causes for seasonal hair fall are quite a lot and knowing them is important for preventing hair loss. Such seasonal hair fall may only last 4 to 6 weeks, but it’s mostly enough to lower your moral and leave you worried about how best you can care for your hair. Seasonal hair loss is
Alopecia can be categorized by types; there are different types of hair loss with different specific causes behind it. But the common causes of hair loss ranges from inherited factors, diseases, stress, medicines, injury to the scalp, aging, nutrition and hair care.
For a woman to lose her hair would mean the end of the world. The end of the long locks, beautiful curls, and the silky smooth shadow song deserves better treatment. girl having hair lossYour hair grows from what we call the hair follicle and this happens at an average rate of about ½ inch per month. Each of your hair grows for two to six years and then rests and then eventually falls out. Then again a new hair would soon begin to grow on its pl
Much like the growth of grass, plants and other vegetation is dependent on what goes underneath the soil, the growth on your head is dependent on what goes on inside the scalp. Given normal conditions for hair loss and fall cycle, women would enjoy normal hair. The problem occurs when something messes with the normal cycle of hair. This could be genetic, hormonal disturbances, diet deficiencies, reaction of skin conditions to medications, immune
Do you find your hair oily and dull during periods? Most of the girls would say yes. The period days are commonly termed as bad hair days However, this oily hair appearance varies from person to person, with few experiencing it a couple of days before their period, while others on the day of their period.
You must have heard your friends obsessing about shampooing their hair everyday, causing you to wonder if you should or shouldn’t do the same. You may be in the middle of shampooing because otherwise your hair can get smelly and dirty and not shampooing daily because otherwise they can get really dry. So, is it bad to shampoo your hair daily? No, it isn’t!
Your hair is made up of layers. The outermost layer of the hair is called the cuticle. It is made of flattened cells that overlap like the tiles on a roof and it protects the inner layer (called the cortex) from damage. If your hair appears shiny and healthy, and soft and manageable, it is because the protective cells of the cuticle are undamaged and lie flat.
Castor oil is a natural remedy to grow your hair longer and thicker. It is even considered effective for treating baldness, which is otherwise a result of various factors such as one’s genes, diet, everyday stress, environmental factors and the lifestyle one is leading. A popular type of castor oil that prevents falling and thinning of hair is the Jamaican Black Castor Oil.
Do you often cry in vain over your splitting dry hair? Or perhaps wash only the bangs to keep the hair from looking too oily? Irrespective of your hair type, an egg mask can be the best thing to put on your hair for an overall conditioning. And, it is not that difficult to prepare. So, here are two simple ways in which you can prepare an egg mask and banish hair loss with its regular application.
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