Maybe you like wavy or curly hair more but in this writing we will tell about the straight hair in our country and you can see that is our strong product from us.
Spring is just around the corner, and you know what that is prom!
Well...whoever thought Ombre was just a fad - was clearly mistaken! Because up until this day, Ombre is still going strong. And tell you what, ladies, we think it's here to stay
People have different types of hair depending on their genetic nature, the climate of the place they live in and according to the food they consume. There are many other factors which affect the thickness and thinning of hair. People suffer from hair loss at some stages in their life. Though thinning of hair is not fully avoidable you can use many home remedies to keep your hair appear thicker. The most important thing to do to keep the hair full
We all want healthy luxurious hair and regularly using protective styles is helpful in reaching this goal. When protecting your tresses, it’s great to tuck away the ends but be mindful of the negative consequences when these styles cause too much stress on the hair.
It’s starting to get warmer outside, so you know what that means; your schedule is about to be jam packed with cookouts, swimming dates, picnics, long bike rides through the city and more! But in our excitement for everything that comes with warm weather it’s important to remember that excessive heat from the sun can damage our hair just as much as it can damage our skin.
The popular and trendy half "top knot" is a cute and easy hairstyle for school, work, casual activities, dates, or even more formal occasions. For today's video tutorial we show 4 fun variations.
Natural hair, it’s safe to say is no longer a passing trend, it’s more than that. Natural hair has now evolved to a statement and a lifestyle. But with every ‘new’ thing, there is bound to be a lot of information that can leave you scratching your head and asking really? I have been natural for over 4 years now and the curious side of me is always looking for new products, techniques etc that will help me up my game and enjoy my hair more. I have
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