So you have been on your natural hair journey for a while and now you are in search of some natural goodies for your hair. The only way you can 100% guarantee a product is all natural or has natural ingredients is if you make it yourself right? Naturals are known for using the kitchen cabinet/ fridge as their personal hair/beauty shop and why not? Those items have the right nutrients that are beneficial to our hair. Plus you could be saving some
Naturals, as much as we don’t like shampooing we LOVE deep conditioning! And rightly so, deep conditioning has many benefits for all hair textures so to skip it on wash day would be a travesty. But are you deep conditioning effectively? There are methods to deep conditioning that will ensure your hair is prepped properly and will take advantage of all the benefits and nutrients of your deep conditioner. This involves choosing the right products,
Hair extensions help you to change your style quickly and easily. However, how to keep your hair extension always silky and shiny as your real hair is that all the girls should focus.
If you have short hair, there may be two kinds of days:
We all wish we could have naturally thick and luscious hair forever, however, thinning hair is a problem many women (and men) face on the regular. There are many reasons why your hair may be thinning, including age, over-processing your hair, stress, using the incorrect products, conditions like Alopecia, and more. If you find yourself constantly asking, "Why is my hair falling out?" and wondering how to hide thinning hair, we've got some answ
You've asked, and we answered! Today's blog post is for all you curly-haired beauties out there, who are looking for the best tips on how to care for their curls. Today's tips are brought to you by our very own curl-expert Ashley, who has literally perfected her curly hair care routine. She has tried and tested lots of techniques and products on her curls over the years, and today we are lucky to have her share the best tips and tricks with
You want your hair tools to work wonders on your hair, right? Well, just like with anything else, in order for that to happen...they need to be taken care of. And by that, we mean a nice, thorough, regular cleaning. Be honest with yourself for a sec...
"But the 2017 year just started, it's only February!" That's right, but we've forecasted these 3 hairstyles to be game-changers this year. In today's blog post, our beautiful friend and familiar face, Elanna, shows you how to achieve 3 hairstyles that are bound to be the hottest hair trends of 2017. Interested in learning how to achieve these 3 easy and chic hairstyles of 2017? Watch our tutorial below or keep scrolling down for a step-by-s
Have you ever gotten your hair dyed, only for your roots to start showing a few weeks later, yet your hair doesn't seem look any longer? What about going without a haircut for months, but your hair is still stuck at shoulder length? We understand how frustrating it can be if you're trying to grow your hair, but it just won't grow! Why doesn't my hair grow past a certain point, you may be asking? We're here to tell you why and what you can do t
Your hair needs some love. True or false? If you answered true, we've got you covered this week with our Top 5 Favourite DIY Hair Masks - all of which include four or less natural ingredients that can, without a doubt, be found in your kitchen. Let's get started!
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