The shelf life of hair extensions depends on how you care and preserve it. For some reason many people have a habit of sleeping with wet hair extensions. This is not really good for you. Why you should not sleeping with your hair extensions wet. Please read through the article below.
Looking back on the history of Vietnamese hair through the ages to see the change in the style of Vietnamese women. Over a long period of time, Vietnamese women are always proud of their smooth, black hair. Vietnamese women always attached to the image of long dress, hat and black hair straight hair.
We are preparing to welcome the lively summer. With lots of outdoor activities, you need to choose the right hairstyle. There are lots of fun looks and ways to style your hair that look great in the warmer months. Here’s some hairstyling inspiration, you can not references in the writing about Top 7 Hairstyles you will love for the summer.
A skin weft hair extension is popular with many, because it looks more natural than traditional weft hair extensions This type of extension is hard to notice the difference between the real hair and extensions. Let's find out more about How to attach skin weft hair extensions in the article below.

Opal inspired colour- Hair trends in 2018

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There are a lot of hair trends recently, so what is the latest hair trend? Instagram is a popular social network and regularly has new hair trends appearing every week. Recently, instagarm has appeared a new hair color, promising to become trend in 2018. Let's find out about Opal inspired colour- Hair trends in 2018.

4 Need to know hair extensions hacks

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Hair extensions are becoming a common trend among women around the world. You have been using hair extensions. However, you really have to make the most of your hair extensions. The article below will share tips and tricks for you to use the most effective hair extensions.Useful information will be in 4 Need to know hair extensions hacks.
A standard rule that will never be broken. This is women with long hair want shorter locks while girls with short hairstyles dream of long ones. How does your hair look longer? It is a common question for many girls. Here are 5 Clever tips to make your hair look longer.
You see celebrities boasting long and gorgeous hair on television. However, you know! A lot of other people use hair extensions to create an attractive and long flowing hairstyle. In fact, hair extensions are more popular now than ever before. Let’s have a look and find out in Reasons Why hair extensions are so "hot" right now.
Today, hair extensions are increasingly popular and become the trend of beauty of the fashion followers. Hair extensions not only can change someone’s appearance but can make them feel confident in themselves. How is The history of the birth and development of the hair extensions? Please read through the article below.

Baby bangs: One of Hair trends in 2018

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Baby bangs are a hair trend you really need to commit to because once you make the chop, there’s no going back. Here are 4 hairstyles of baby bangs, you can try to refresh your style in 2018 . Read and choose the best hairstyle for your shape face and style.
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