Straight Hair – Strong Product of Vietnamese Hair

Straight Hair – Strong Product of Vietnamese Hair

Maybe you like wavy or curly hair more but in this writing we will tell about the straight hair in our country and you can see that is our strong product from us.

1. Vietnamese own straight hair more than wavy and curly hair

Both Vietnamese man and women own straight hair more than wavy or curly hair. I mean with natural virgin hair, not processed hair. Traditional women often have long hair with natural color and texture (mostly with straight texture and black or dark brown color. They often wash the hair with plant and  fruits, not with any shampoo or chemical. Nowaday with modern life, they can make hair with artifical color or texture with wavy and curly.

With many women, their original hair when they were born is straight hair but because of their work (field, factory…), they often have to fold the hair on the head and for long time, then their hair becomes wavy, not straight as origin.

With people have curly hair, they often have original curly hair from they were born and it can’t be straight naturally.

2. Some Vietnamese women think that they will have difficult life when they own natural curly hair

In our country, someone (but very little) has natural curly hair but they often not like that meanwhile now many women make their hair become curly with some styles. Women who have natural curly hair often think that they will have difficult life as that hair is a premonition about difficult life. That is the reason many people have curly hair often straighten their hair become straight hair and everyone can’t recognize that they have curly hair.

Natural curly hair often does not grow fast and it is often short or medium. That is the reason why we can not see long natural curly hair.

We know that many clients want to buy natural curly hair, but in fact this hair is very rare here and if anyone asks big quantity with curly, they often get steam curly, not natural curly.

3. Natural straight hair from us (Googlehair)

Natural straight hair is our strength product and it is the best choice for clients who are looking for virgin straight hair because our hair is collected mostly from Vietnam (also with hair from Laos and Cambodia). We come to villages to collect the hair by our collectors so we can choose virgin hair.

Our hair has full cuticle, no processing (accept for some clients ask us), only wash and make weft before selling so it is so good for whom is looking for 100% virgin hair for bleaching, dyeing and restyling.

With natural straight hair, we have length from 6 to 32 inches with single drawn and double drawn in bulk or machine weft or clip or closure, frontal.

However, you can find that natural straight hair in our country often have split end with the reason: hot weather here, so we often have to remove split before selling it if clients ask.

4. Some pictures of straight hair from Vietnamese women








5. Some pictures from our virgin straight hair 






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